Winter decided to make a late entrance in California this week. 

       Monday’s storm graced us with a foot+ of snow in areas all around Tahoe, and a decent amount down south as well. This fresh storm stacked on top of the smaller dumps the previous week set us up for some primo turns.

With a break in the weather on a Tuesday, we couldn’t take it any longer. We shut down the presses, stopped the sanders and grinders, and packed our rigs and left for Kirkwood. A quick 1-hour drive up the mountain and it was time to boot up.

The wind was ripping when we hopped out of the car and it looked like the upper mountain would be on a wind hold. 

Once the rest of the boys showed up we headed up chair 5. 

The first lap was soft, playful, cold smoke pow! Lap after lap we cruised all over the mountain getting fresh lines everywhere we went. Turns were slashed, trees were jumped, back flips were thrown and there was nothing anyone could do to wipe the smiles from our faces!

All in all, it was a rad day in the snow with friends. That’s what this whole snowboarding thing is all about right?

Another storm is rolling through the Sierras as I type this and it is supposed to be the biggest dump of the season. Looks like another pow day for the boys soon!