“Snowboards? Check. Demo Gear? Check. 
Swag? Check. Cameras? Check. Beer? Check. 
Food? Check. Cabin Reservation? Check.” 



 Just like that Jared and staff were ready to head to Donner Lake to meet up with all our ambassadors from California for a weekend of jumping, jibbing, slashing, drinking, laughing and good ol’ family style dinners. We hopped in the Growing Young truck and headed toward I-80 to get up the road and through the chain control before the sun faded away. A few hours later, we had groceries and beer to feed the crew and were pulling into a cabin covered in a fresh blanket of Tahoe champagne.

     Jared and I snagged our beds and figured out how the heck to use a pellet stove. A half hour later and the crew starts to show up! First to pull in was local ambassador Nate Wilsey, followed by the car filled with the SoCal crew; Ben Schirner, Trevor Wallace, Nate Clawson, and his better half, Brooke.

We threw some pizzas in the oven, cracked some beers, and went outside to start work on something to session. A Little later, Beau Davenport and Danny Draeger pulled in, almost a full crew now. Overall, the first night was fairly mellow with a smidge of snowboarding and partying thrown in the mix.


    We got up on the morning of day 2 to find more snow, a lot more snow! We all got ready and loaded up the vehicles to head to Northstar for the day. We rolled in and quickly headed to the village to grab a gondola to the top. A warm-up lap and we were ready to go rip some pow on the backside before heading to the parks to let all of these SoCal park rats get their fix. The snow was good, really good. 

Every turn was filled with unimaginable fun. If you didn’t get out riding after this past storm, you really messed up. After some much-needed powder laps, we followed our park rat crew to the parks and watched them throw some heat. All in all the weekend was totally worth it and the Growing Young team went in hard to make the most of the lush Tahoe snow while we had it.