Ask Jared what his hobbies are and you're likely to hear, "snowboarding, wakeboarding, photography, and free-hand drawing". Similarly, ask Jared what he's passionate about and you'll probably get, "family, music, and friendship". So what do you get in a career path for this 20-something lover of life? A family-owned, friend-run board shop where beats rule and local artists shine.

Jared had a close call a handful of years back when he was involved in a boating accident resulting in brain surgery and a long recovery. A new lease on life sent him searching - college, travel, multiple jobs in various cities - all left him unfulfilled. Determined, Jared decided to take his life in his own hands. A lover of the spotlight (Jared holds a World-Champion Equestrian title), he and his dad decided to go for it. They combined passion and skill and opened a business. Aloha Products was born and a new league of snowboards was discovered.

Jared - Ridin' like a boss!

Successful as he is, Jared is not your average busy-self absorbed business owner. Meet him on the slopes or at the local brewery and you will find a charismatic dude who has an uncanny passion for life's adventures.

So, next time you're out shredding around Tahoe or Mammoth and you run into him, give him a shout out.

You'll make a friend for life. 

There ya have it.

Ride on.