If you're looking for a little something different, off the 'beaten' pistes and groomers, check this out.
Snowboarding on Mauna Kea. 
Dude, it's a volcano. OK, it's dormant but, still - you'll be snowboarding through pow and lava rocks. No vegetation.

At about 14,000ft, it's above the inversion layer. Yup - big words here. It just means that the summit is above the cloud coverage. It's also far from atmospheric pollution and it's super dark. So, you'll also get an awesome view of the stars. Some of the best in the world, making it a huge astrological hub for astronomers from around the world.

Think about being up there. Just you, your bros and broettes, the mountain and a few other snowboarding mad men & women. Sounds pretty ideal to me! 

Here is where the 'adventure' part comes in. There is no other way to get up the mountain except for one road that was built in the 60's. And, there are no lifts to get up to the summit to the top to ride down. You need a 4 wheel drive vehicle to get up there and essentially take turns being the 'lift' up to the top. No water, gas, snow shops or food above the visitor center at about 9K ft. Be sure to come prepared. 

Best time to go is from late January through March and it does get pretty cold up there (between 25 to 40 degrees F) and it is prone to high winds. They've held the Mauna Kea Snowboarding Championships there since 1994 so, it will attract a bit of a crowd then. But, who doesn't love chillin' with some fellow boarders?

So, this may not be the best snow run you've ever had - don't plan on super high speed and steep slopes. But, do plan on having the most gnarly and dope adventure on a volcano in a tropical paradise. Not many people can say they've done that!

Lots more information herehere and here.

Ride on!

Or, you can just do some CrossFit up there if that's more your thing...