Snowboard Guide

So you’re here, ready to learn a little more about what boards will give you the best earth surfing experience or possibly getting ready to take a new board for an amazing ride. There are a few things to know if you are looking to purchase a new board and we’re here to help make your selection a little easier by covering some of the basics.


Yes, sizing does matter and will affect the way you ride.

The size will also depend on how you ride. Shorter boards make for easier spins and maneuverability while longer boards offer higher speed and better float.

You may see some people grab a board off the wall to see if it hits them below the chin. This still works as a general rule of thumb. But, weight also plays an important role when choosing the right board for the right ride.

Here is a general size guideline to help get an idea of the right board based on your height & weight.



SIZE (CM) 147 100+ 5'2"-5'4"
RUNNING LENGTH (IN) 152 120+ 5'4"-5'8"
RUNNING LENGTH (CM) 155 140+ 5'6"-6'
WAIST WIDTH (IN) 160 160+ 5'9"-6'4"
WAIST WIDTH (CM) 162 180+ 5'11"-6'11"



Depending on where you ride or will mostly be riding, the type of board you use will make a difference in your overall experience. Since the first days of snowboard making, there have been tons of technological advances to satisfy rider styles and terrain.

All Mountain:

Also called ‘Freeride’ boards because they are so versatile and responsive. These are good for both advanced and beginner boarders. With medium flex and a good amount of side cut, it is easy to transition between different terrains and makes for a great all around board.


More of an intermediate rider ready to hit some jumps and jibs? The Park or Freestyle board is where it’s at. These decks have a softer flex and chill side cut for easy recovery and maneuverability. Easier to make your landings and better manipulation on rails. Have no fear. You can still hold your beer while making that 540. Smooth moves…


Once you have figured out where you will be riding, now let’s have a look at the ‘how’. Boards come in different cambers – which mean that they are curved differently from tip to tail depending on the type of ride you are looking for. flatcamber1.bmp


Our Flat or Zero camber board is literally flat in the middle with the tip and tail upturned. This is a super stable feeling board that gives you a great ‘haul ass’ feeling down groomers. They also hold their own in the pipe & jumps. Not great at floating on pow though.


Our Rocker or Reverse camber is just sick. This is your ride if you love fresh pow. The rocker forms a slight concave arc with the apex point touching the ground and upturned tip and tail, providing stability and maneuverability through the thickest pow. Cuts through like buttah!


We’ve re-invented the board construction with our patent pending bathtub unibody design, sidewall tip & tail construction that gives our boards added strength and durability without additional weight. The sidewalls can handle anything you've got!

Top Sheet – Super durable, our nylon topsheets accept our sublimated prints with specially formulated inks for super crisp and detailed artwork. We like to show off our artists.

Fiberglass – Depending on board type, our boards are made of biaxial or triaxial high tensile strength fiberglass. This directly affects the board flex and pop. Biaxial woven fiberglass will support the construction and core while still maintaining a softer flex. Triaxial fiberglass will give you a stiffer board and tighter ride.

Resin – We use a eco friendly special concoction. We mix our own to get the exact properties we are looking for.

Core – We make ‘em using a variety of woods for the ultimate performance. We use an Oak and Poplar lamenated blend for strength, flexibility and sustainability. The mix of the 2 creates consistant energy and light weight super strength of 540lbf of Janka Hardness!

Lock Edge Technology – Our edging is reinforced with recycled steel made in Austria and mechanically locked into the recycled H-TECH base. 

Base – Our H-Tech base (Patent No. 9,744,430) is an inventive uni-body design built to withstand repeated beatings on the slopes, enhance performance, while still remaining water tight and over years continue to maintain its structural integrity. 

Eco-friendly Extruded bases made of recycled UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight) polyethylene. It’s a fancy name for ‘hard-core’. With exceptionally high abrasion and impact resistance properties, it resists wear, friction and corrosion to extend equipment life, keep maintenance costs and energy consumption down and just makes for a great performing ride.